Market Reads

Below are investment-related articles I am reading this (wild!) week:

From The Reformed Broker:

My Little Trick for Coping with a Correction
Why the stock market has to go down

Advertisement: Algorithmic Trading System Prospers from Market Collapse

Pragmatic Capitalism:

What The Hell is Going on
What’s Your Max Pain Point?
The Cost of Getting Scared out of Stocks in 1998

Alpha Architect:

Combining Value and Momentum in Stock Selection and Market Timing
Avoid Buying Put Insurance When You are Most Afraid
Crisis Alpha: Surprising Ways to Hedge Stock Portfolio Risk

Swedroe: Debunking Gold Mythology
Swedroe: Parallels Of Betting & Investing
Understanding ETF ‘Flash Crashes’

And Others,

Timing the Markets with Value and Trend – Meb Faber
How to deal with market uncertainty? Adam Grimes
What Do People Hear? The Irrelevant Investor
Crash Rules Everything Around Me – A Wealth of Common Sense
5 Investments Best Held in an IRA – Charles Sizemore


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Sunday Reads

Below is my Sunday night investment reading list:

From the Reformed Broker:

The MLP Myth Blown to Smithereens
The Positive Feedback Loop is Broken
The Coolest Portfolio Tool on the Web

Confusing What Just Happened With What Happens Next – Bloomberg

Are Stocks Overvalued? A Survey of Equity Valuation Models – Research Affiliates

Top 10 Trump Rules – The Big Picture

Bring Data – Dual Momentum

Two Centuries of Momentum and What is the difference between Relative Strength and Trend Following?– Newfound Research

Is More Information Making Us Worse Investors? Pragmatic Capitalism

Is Managed Futures Secret Weapon Coming Back? Attain Capital

From Alpha Architect:

Avoiding the Big Drawdown: Is Downside Protection Helpful or Heresy?
Private Equity Replication with Leveraged Small-Cap Value Stocks

From A Wealth of Common Sense:

A False Sense of Security
20 People You Don’t Want to Invest With

From The Irrelevant Investor:

Is Momentum Misunderstood?
Does This Time Feel Different?


Swedroe: Battle Of New Factor Models
Swedroe: The Carry Trade Defies Theory
Swedroe: When Bonds Act Like Stocks
3 ETF Predictions For Rest Of 2015

Investment Resources for Individuals