12 High Yield, Rising Dividend, Low Payout Stocks

Below is a list of 12 stocks yielding more then 3% with a dividend payout ratio less than 70% as of the close on February 24th.  In addition, I required the stocks have a recent history of rising dividends. I looked for Dividend Percent Change, Year Over Year (%) > 10, Dividend Growth Rate, 3 Years (%) > 15, Dividend, 5 Year Growth Rate (%) > 20.  The screen was done using stockscreen123.   The list includes some familiar names such as Lockheed Martin, China Mobile, and McDonalds.  

There are also some small cap names which may fly under the radar such as Life Partners (LPHI), with a market cap of around $300 million.  Taking a closer look at LPHI on Finviz, it has 0 long term debt and a PEG of .80 with a history of high returns on equity and investment.  It is engaged in the secondary market of ‘life settlements’ which involves purchasing life insurance policies at a discount to their face value for investment purposes.  LPHI receives a fee for facilitating these transactions.  A copy of this size could carry additional risks, so I always try to have a stop loss or trading strategy in place prior to purchasing any security.

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Ticker Name Last Trend Yield Div5Y Cgr% Pay Ratio
CHL China Mobile Ltd. (ADR) 49.45 Here 3.57 44.75 42.88
CTL CenturyTel, Inc. 35.28 Here 7.98 58.02 60.2
GEF Greif, Inc. 49.45 Here 3.08 38.34 66.42
HCBK Hudson City Bancorp, Inc. 13.31 Here 4.53 22.03 58.92
LLTC Linear Technology Corporation 27.61 Here 3.4 25.16 62.1
LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation 77.56 Here 3.28 20.79 30.03
LPHI Life Partners Holdings, Inc. 20.15 Here 4.99 26.48 13.54
MCD McDonald’s Corporation 65.26 Here 3.39 30.1 49.12
MSA Mine Safety Appliances 24.74 Here 3.9 29.31 47.76
SAFT Safety Insurance Group, Inc. 37.1 Here 4.35 36.31 37.03
TEF Telefonica S.A. (ADR) 69.21 Here 6.48 31.95 61.22
TNP Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd. 14.83 Here 4.05 38.75 33.13
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