Key Support & Resistance Levels for Stocks, Silver, and Gold

Chris Vermeleun of The Gold and Oil Guy is looking for short-term bottom in financials and the S&P 500. In addition, he is watching gold and silver closely for them to break through resistance levels.  Below is the silver (SLV) chart along with key resistance levels (full, free article available here):

Silver took a big hair cut last month falling from $50 down to $33 per ounce. Ever since then it has been trying to form a base which will act as the next launch pad for higher prices. So far it is looking good but there is a key resistance level to breakthrough before fireworks. Keep your eye on the silver bullet.

His focus in the short-term is to purchase oversold dips in stocks, which we may approaching very soon:

In short, I feel investors are getting very nervous because of the 6 week sell off in stocks. There have been some technical support levels broken on the SP500 and other indexes and its these broken levels which have investors running for the door. The thing is, this type of selling happens every year and generally 2 -3 times. During a bull market I like to see fear in the eyes of investors. Until we are proven wrong about buying extreme oversold dips, they continue to be my focus. 

Also if the financial sector can find a bottom and start to rally, then we will see higher stock prices across the board in the coming weeks. I am currently neutral on metals, oil and the dollar. But am getting bullish on financials and the SP500 as they move lower.

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