Investment Readings

I have fallen behind on my investment readings this week.  Below is my current reading list, including some I need to catch up on:

Risk, Return, and Low Beta Stocks – Geoff Considine

Combining Value and Momentum Approaches – Mebane Faber

Using the ADX indicator for trade signaling and timing – Peter Brandt

GMO White Paper: Emerging Thoughts: Emerging Consumers Drive Gold Prices: Who Knew?

What You Need to Know About Low-Volatility ETFs – ETF Trends

Tax That Other Guy (pdf) – John Mauldin

 Not So Fast: Coping With Slow Growth – Barron’s interview with Jeremy Grantham

 The mathematical equation that caused the banks to crash – The Guardian

 A Primer on the Euro Breakup (pdf) – John Mauldin

Trade of the Year? Reformed Broker

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