Weekend Readings

Below are a few articles I am reading this weekend. The Graham Value portfolio will be updated tomorrow.

The War for Spain (pdf) – John Mauldin

Time to put the doomed Euro out of its misery – The Telegraph

ECRI Weekly Leading Indicator: The Growth Index Continues to Improve – Doug Short

Will U.S Avoid a Recession (Part 3) and Part 4 Here – Gary Shilling, Bloomberg (Part 2 and Part 1)

Biases That Cripple Smart Decision-Making – The Emotion Machine

James Bianco on Dividend Paying Stocks (courtesy The Big Picture)

9 Trillion Reasons Not to Be Selling Stocks Right Now – David Kotok

More on this topic (What's this?)
Bad Breadth
Read more on Wharf (HLDGS), Hong KONG&CHINA Gas, CLP HLDGS at Wikinvest

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