Sunday Night Articles

I am spending this snowy Sunday reading the following investment articles:

Siegel’s Shortfall (pdf) and Looming Crisis: State Budgets Soon to be Under Siege (pdf) – Crestmont Research

Stock Values and Earnings May Bamboozle Buyers – MarketWatch, Satyajit Das

Media and Google: The Impact of Information Supply and Demand on Stock Returns – Turnkey Analyst

How Important is the Fiscal Cliff to Investors? Hint: Not Very – Barry Ritholtz

Investors’ 10 Most Common Behavioral Biases – J Hagan Warren

Tactical Alpha: The Case for Active Asset Allocation – Advisor Perspectives

Forecasting Equity Returns in the New Normal – The Idea Farm (citing PIMCO)

Are These the Next Warren Buffetts? Market Folly

Secular Bear Markets – Volatility Without Return – John Hussman

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