Weekend Readings

Below are investment-related articles on my reading list:

AlphaClone has updated their blog with the 10 Best Performing Hedge Fund Clones in 2012

QE Isn’t Working & TV Isn’t Working – The Idea Farm

The Tax Bite of Top Mutual Funds (hat tip Mebane Faber) – Scott Cendrowski, Fortune

What Countries Set to Outperform in 2013? Mebane Faber

Aspirin for a Broken Femur – John Hussman

Why Don’t Bad Ideas Ever Die? Barry Ritholtz

Modern Portfolio Theory is for Nitiots –  Mercenary Trader

Looking on the Bright Side and US Birth Rate Hits New Low (pdf) – John Mauldin

Check out out the MarketClub Holiday Special before it expires!

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