Investment Articles for the Long Weekend

Below is a list of investment articles to get you through a long holiday weekend.  Happy 4th of July!

On the Importance of Proper Fund Evaluation & Proper Benchmarking – Pragmatic Capitalism

Never Buy Expensive Stocks. Period. Alpha Architect

Faber: Why Market-Cap Weighting Falls Short – Morningstar

Top 50 Trending Stocks

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Advisor Perspectives

How Diversification Smooths Investment Cycles – Pragmatic Capitalism

The problem with positive thinking: an excerpt from Investing Psychology – Abnormal Returns

We are All Factor Investors – Millennial Invest

What Factors Drive the Performance of Momentum Strategies? (Part 1) – CSS Analytics

A Cheat Sheet for Understanding the Different Schools of Economics – Pragmatic Capitalism

Performance of Value During Market Drawdowns (June 1951 to December 2013) – Greenbackd

When Correlations Lie – Bloomberg

From A Multi-Factored Approach to Smart Beta

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