Weekend Investment Reading List

Below is a list of investment and personal finance articles I am reading this weekend:

Can You Time the Market Without Crying? Attain Capital

Universal Lessons From Every Investment Discipline – Pragmatic Capitalism

Track Records are Rubbish – Gestaltu

Poverty Matters for Capitalists (pdf) – John Mauldin

Investor Behavior: The Final Frontier – Millenial Invest

From ETF.com, The Moneyball of Quality Investing, A Close Look at Value and Momentum, and How to Protect Us From Ourselves

Misconceptions About Dow Theory – Dynamic Hedge

7 Market Myths That Make Investors Poorer – Marketwatch

In Search of the Perfect Portfolio – A Wealth of Common Sense

One Big Idea – PIMCO

CSS Analytics: What Factors Drive the Performance of Momentum Strategies? Part 2