Weekend Reads

Below is a list of investment articles I am reading this weekend:

James Clear on The Physics of Productivity: Newton’s Laws of Getting Stuff Done

A Global Passive Benchmark with ETFs and Factor Tilts – Advisor Perspectives

Attain Capital asks Trade Commodities instead of ‘Invest’ in them?

A Surprising Way to time Value and Momentum: Updated Analysis – Alpha Architect

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

A longer piece from Philosophic Economics asking Why is the Shiller CAPE So High?

Narrative Myth – Baron Asset Management

 Open Season For Closed-End Funds – Finalternatives

From ETF.com – Why ETF Price/Earnings Ratios Lie; Swedroe: The Mystery Of Momentum

Patrick O’Shaughnessy tells us Why You Should Ignore Expert Predictions About The Stock Market

and Jim O’Shaughnessy gives valuable lessons on Behavioral Economics here, here, here and here.

Read ‘Em and Reap: Smart People for Investors to Follow – Jason Zweig, WSJ

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