9 thoughts on “New Website Look”

  1. I expect some people will find the “HOME ABOUT …” at the top of the page difficult to read. Compare the ease of reading the black on white text in a post to the white on black text with the fonts you are using. Other than that one possible issue is that the main column width will make it a challenge to present charts/tables large enough unless you set them up to click on for a larger image (which I realize you often do).

    1. Thanks for the constructive feedback Fred. I will take a look at the color / text on the top. Column width is always a challenge

  2. Very cool……Good changes and thanks for all of your great work and research for all of us novice investors.

  3. Whenever you print your DUAL MOMENTUM Spreadsheets, please include the date the data are for.


    Also, please no gray text. Black text is much easier to read

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