Monday Readings

It is the holiday season and I have fallen way behind on my regular investment reads.  Below is a list of articles I am catching up on from the past 2 weeks:

Top 50 Trending Stocks

Millennial Investors Don’t Trust The Market – And They Shouldn’t – Read more at Meb Faber Research

Dilution, Index Evolution, and the Shiller CAPE: Anatomy of a Post-Crisis Value Trap – PHILOSOPHICAL ECONOMICS

7 Simple Things Most Investors Don’t Do – A Wealth of Common Sense

Is Bitcoin the Future? John Mauldin

Why the all-weather portfolio is a wash-out – Barry Ritholtz via The Washington Post

Price-to-Book Value Ratios: A Long-Term Winner with Long Periods of Underperformance – What Works on Wall Street

Beat the Average Investor by not Trying to “Beat the Market” – Pragmatic Capitalism

From Swedroe: Know The Risks, Stick To The Plan, The Best Inflation Protection, Passive Investing’s Foundations

Diversification or Deworsification? Dual Momentum

The World’s Dumbest Idea – James Montier of GMO

Alpha Architect: Our Robest Asset Allocation Solution & A Modification to the Flexible Asset Allocation Model

A New Twist on an Easy All-in-One Fund – WSJ (see also Finally a Free ETF from ETF Trends)