Monday Readings

Below is my short-list of investment related articles for this week:

Algorithmic Trading Forecast for SP500 Index

From Swedroe: A Factor Focused Book To Read

From Pragmatic Capitalism:
Beware the Macro Value Trap
The History of the Global Equity Portfolio

Two free investment tools recently launched by Alpha Architect:
How-To-Guide: Asset Allocation Backtesting Tool
How-To-Guide: DIY Investing Tool

The Reformed Broker:
The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio
Nine Surprising Things Jesse Livermore Said 
Why Active Management Fell Off a Cliff – Perhaps Permanently

Janitor to Multimillionaire? Not In This Market – Philosophical Economics

Improving on the correlation benefits of managed futures – Futures Magazine

Does Rebalancing Add Value? Newfound

Risk Management Always Matters – A Wealth of Common Sense