Weekend Reads

Below is a long-overdue reading list, which explains the length of the list.  Some of the articles are a few weeks old but still worth the read:

Logical 4 Month Market Forecast – Gold, Oil, Stocks & Bonds

Ray Dalio: Open-Mindedness And The Power of Not Knowing – Farnam Street

PIMCO Touts Carry and Trend Across Asset Classes – DailyAlts

How to Combine Value and Momentum Investing Strategies – Alpha Architect

Investing in High Dividend Yield Stocks: a Sucker Bet? Alpha Architect

Absolute Momentum and Stock Momentum Strategies: Friends, not enemies – Alpha Architect

Woe Betide the Value Investor – Research Affiliates

A New-and-Improved Shiller CAPE: Solving the Dividend Payout Ratio Problem – Philosophical Economics

Sharpe Ratio: the Black Sheep of Risk Analysis – Attain Capital

Sustainable Momentum Investing: Doing Well By Doing Good – Dual Momentum

A Historical Look at a 50/50 Portfolio – A Wealth of Common Sense

Should You Be Mostly Cash Like Mohamed El-Erian? Pragmatic Capitalism

Monitoring Bubble Risk In The US Stock Market – The Capital Spectator

3 secrets from the Book of (Trend Following) Revelations – Humble Student of the Markets

Average Returns Are Exceedingly Rare – The Big Picture

Common Sense Security for Your Portfolio Assets – The Big Picture

How to Find Those Costly Hidden Investment Fees – Pragmatic Capitalism

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