Friday Reads

Below is my Friday investment reading list:

April/May Safe Haven Play – It Is That Time Again!

If US Stocks Are Expensive, How Do I Protect Myself? Mebane Faber

Imagine: Brokers Who Work for Investors – Barry Ritholtz

Not-So-Great Expectations: Why Real Interest Rates Won’t Soar – Research Affiliates

Lumber, Gold, and Volatility in Equities – Pension Partners

Does Smart Beta = Smart Asset Allocation? The Capital Spectator

Understanding Dual, Relative, and Absolute Momentum – Dual Momentum

Human Innovation is Winning the Race Against Scarce Resources – Pragmatic Capitalism

Looking Back at Risk Parity’s Golden Age – Econompic Data

The “Impossible Trade” is working – The Reformed Broker

From Alpha Architect:

Tactical Asset Allocation with Market Valuations: Magic of Myth?
Tactical Asset Allocation and Low Volatility Stocks
Attention Value Investors: How to Predict Accounting Trickery
Are Value Investing and Momentum Investing Robust Anomalies?
Momentum Investing: A Simple Bond Momentum Strategy


Swedroe: ‘The One-Page Financial Plan’
Swedroe: Carry & Trend Effects Up Close

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