Mid-Week Investment Articles

Below is my weekly investment reading list:

Alpha Architect:

Basic Factor Analysis: Simple Tools to Understand What Drives Performance
The Power of Term-Term Compounding: Evidence from Ben Franklin’s Trusts


Swedroe: Momentum Across Time & Asset Classes
Swedroe: A Must-Read For Serious Investors

Research Affiliates:

Calling the Turns: Why Market Timing Is So Hard
The Market for “Lemons”: A Lesson for Dividend Investors

Time for a Fire Drill – The Big Picture

Global Tactical Asset Allocation: Just the Facts – Gestaltu

Should A Robot Be Managing CalPERS Portfolio? Meb Faber Research

Risk Parity Is Even Better Than We Thought – AQR

Pants on Fire: 10 Big Lies in the Financial Services Industry – Above the Market

Out of Sample or Out of This World? Pragmatic Capitalism

Mother Nature designed you to be a bad investor – Jim O’Shaughnessy