Holiday Weekend Reads

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Below is your holiday weekend investment reading list.

12 charts and maps that explain the Greek crisis – Vox

Three-Way Model – Meb Faber

Alpha Architect:
Long/Short Hedge Fund Factors: Low-Cost Downside Protection?
Trend Following the Greek Equity Markets
The Philosophy of Value Investing — Reject “New Paradigm” Thinking
High Dividend Stocks and Value Investing
Swedroe: Mythical Emerging Market Returns
Swedroe: Remember The Nonfinancial Assets

Delusions of Future Outperformance – A Wealth of Common Sense

The Irrelevant Investor:
How Long do Investors Have to Wait Before They See the Benefits of Diversification?
How Should We Think About a 60/40 Portfolio?

The Reformed Broker:
Some stuff you should know about Greece before you lose your s***
Correlations aren’t Constant

Think MPT Doesn’t Work? Clearing Up Some Misconceptions – CSSA

Momentum Due Diligence – Dual Momentum