Mid-Week Reads

Below is a short list of investment articles I’m reading this week:

Stop Thinking About Markets as if They Were Human – Bloomberg View

From Meb Faber: A Summary of Global Asset Allocation

Momentum vs Moving Averages – Newfound Research

From The Reformed Broker:

The World Gets Serious About Climate Change
My Views on Gold: Setting the Record Straight
The Next Big Short…

Pick a Valid Strategy, Stick With It – The Aleph Blog

Swedroe: It’s OK To Ignore Your Portfolio – ETF.com

The Problem With Bond Indexing & A History of Gold Returns– A Wealth of Common Sense

From Alpha Architect:

Eureka! A Valuation-Based Asset Allocation Strategy that Might Work
Market timing with Value and Momentum

Back to Fundamentals – Dual Momentum

Buyback Extravaganza – The Investor’s Field Guide

The Worst Mutual Fund in the World – Fund Reference

Research Affiliates has updated their Asset Allocation tool, definitely worth a look!

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