Market Reads

Below are investment-related articles I am reading this (wild!) week:

From The Reformed Broker:

My Little Trick for Coping with a Correction
Why the stock market has to go down

Advertisement: Algorithmic Trading System Prospers from Market Collapse

Pragmatic Capitalism:

What The Hell is Going on
What’s Your Max Pain Point?
The Cost of Getting Scared out of Stocks in 1998

Alpha Architect:

Combining Value and Momentum in Stock Selection and Market Timing
Avoid Buying Put Insurance When You are Most Afraid
Crisis Alpha: Surprising Ways to Hedge Stock Portfolio Risk

Swedroe: Debunking Gold Mythology
Swedroe: Parallels Of Betting & Investing
Understanding ETF ‘Flash Crashes’

And Others,

Timing the Markets with Value and Trend – Meb Faber
How to deal with market uncertainty? Adam Grimes
What Do People Hear? The Irrelevant Investor
Crash Rules Everything Around Me – A Wealth of Common Sense
5 Investments Best Held in an IRA – Charles Sizemore


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