Weekly Investment Articles

Below is a list of investment articles I am reading this week:

Alpha Architect:

Factor Models Can Only Tell You So Much
The Case for Active Management…from Vanguard…

A Wealth of Common Sense:

In Defense of Risk Parity (Or Any Long-Term Strategy)
How Much Diversification is Necessary?
6 Reasons For David Swensen’s Success at Yale
Something Most Investors Simply Cannot Accept

Are We on the Precipice of Another 2008? – Pragmatic Capitalism

Swedroe: The Lessons In A Correction – ETF.com

Book Review: DIY Financial Advisor: A Simple Solution to Build and Protect Your Wealth – Dual Momentum

The Case for Put Writing / Further Improving PutWrite Performance – Econompic Data

Hey Investor… Tread Lightly! Blue Sky Asset Management

Another Thing That Worked in the Past That Won’t In the Future – The Investor’s Field Guide

Why The Big Bad Bear (Probably) Isn’t Over Yet – Meb Faber

The advice to ensure financial ruin? It fits on a 4×6 index card. The Big Picture

The World’s Best Investment For the Next 12 Months – Philosophical Economics

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