Investment Reads

Below is my current investment reading list:

Assessing the Utility of Wall Street’s Annual Forecasts -Pragmatic Capitalism

Five Things Smart Beta Can’t Do For You – The Reformed Broker

It’s OK to be Confused – A Wealth of Common Sense

The Limits of Risky Asset Diversification – The Aleph Blog

How to Find the Closed-End Bargains – WSJ

Portfolio Diversification: Tweaking the Recipe and Expanding the Menu – PIMCO


Swedroe: Rising Rates Don’t Doom REITs
Swedroe: A Classic Factor Model Improves

From Alpha Architect:

Momentum Investing: Why Does Seasonality Matter for Momentum?
The Quantitative Momentum Investing Philosophy
Expanding the Efficient Frontier with Value and Momentum Strategies

GMO Quarterly Letter – GMO

Why Does Dual Momentum Outperform? Dual Momentum

From Meb Faber:

What is a Better Strategy – Invest in Berkshire, or Buffett’s Stock Picks?
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  1. According to GMO’s quarterly report back to 2014 Q1,US market would be topped at about S&P 2250 level (possibly in several months), followed by a 50% down. As is shown in the recent GMO quarterly report, Emerging market is already performing very badly, -12% annually worse when compared with S&P in the past 5 years! Where would emerging market go if US is topped next year? This worries me a lot.

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