RAA Updated Allocation

Note: Spreadsheets are currently not importing data or importing intermittently. If you have extensive experience working with Google Sheets and would be willing to assist, please contact me.

The RAA Spreadsheet tracks signals for 7 ETFS and is based on a strategy developed by Alpha Architect. The strategy is detailed in-depth in DIY Financial Advisor: A Simple Solution to Build and Protect Your Wealth (DIY) .  You can find my review of the book and more strategy background here.

The RAA spreadsheet displays an allocation percent for each ETF depending on the risk management signals. If the SMA signal says “invested” and the 12 month price momentum is positive we invest the full amount of the target allocation. If one risk management signal is positive and the other negative we invest half of the target allocation. If both signals are negative we invest the target allocation in cash.  Signals for each ETF are based on an index (SPY for US equities and EFA for international equities), while we use the individual ETF signals for commodities and REITs.

Below are the allocations at the end of March: