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Tuesday Readings

Below is my reading list for tonight. If you are new to the site, I typically post investment and market-related articles of interest once per week:

The S&P 500 is Plagued with Divergences

Asset Allocation Strategies & Just Go Halfsies – Mebane Faber

The Correlation Conundrum – The Capital Speculator

A Lost Generation & The Blip  – John Mauldin

Is Risk Parity an Effective Asset Allocation Tool? Empiritrage

Why Past Performance of a Conventional (60-40) Portfolio Is NOT Indicative of Future Performance – Jackass Investing

Market Valuation Overview – Doug Short

First Trust Managed-Futures ETF Is Live & Global X ‘Cheap’  MLP ETF Goes Live – Index Universe


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Monday Readings

Below are some articles I am reading this week:

How to Trade POMO Manipulation – Chris Vermeulen

Rational Temperance – Bill Gross

Dean Williams: Maybe you’re “Trying Too Hard” – Turnkey Analyst

Pinocchio Traders – Barry Ritholtz

ETF Insider – The Idea Farm

How to Protect Your Portfolio – Geoff Considine

Buy High, Sell Higher? & Quant Backtester – Mebane Faber

The Healthcare Blues (pdf) – John Mauldin

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

Out on a Limb – John Hussman

Below is a free webinar from MarketFly:

Secrets to Optimizing Your Morning Income Stream: Veteran day trader and four time recipient of the Forbes’ Best of the Web award, Mr. Jea Yu, invites you to a 3 part live webinar series showing you how to create a consistent morning profit. This is an exclusive, one-time webinar series and will not be replayed or recorded for the general public.

Portfolio Updates & Weekend Readings

For November there was no change in the US Sector Momentum portfolio – it continues to hold Health Care Select Sector SPDR (XLV).

The Basic ETF Portfolio sold PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking (DBC) and purchased Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU). You will remember last month that DBC and VEU were virtually tied based on momentum.

I will be sitting quietly in a deer stand this weekend so there will be no further commentary on the two portfolios above.

Below are some articles for the weekend:

Distinction Without a Difference – John Hussman

The Quest for Certainty (pdf) – John Mauldin

 Regression to Trend – Doug Short

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

Improving on Risk Parity – The Idea Farm

Time to Vote! Bill Gross

Mid-Week Readings

Below are investment related articles I am reading this week:

Gold is Setting Up for Another Rally – Chris Vermeulen

The Triffin Dilemma and Gold – Cumberland

Ritholtz’s Rules of Investing – Washington Post

Sir John Templeton 16 Rules for Investment Success – The Big Picture

Damages – Bill Gross

Vanguard Changes Tricky for Investors – IndexUniverse

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

Leap of Faith – John Hussman


Mid-Week Investment Articles

Below are some articles I am reading this week:

Global Value: Building Trading Models with the 10 Year CAPE – Mebane Faber

The Consequences of Easy Monetary Policy (pdf) – John Mauldin

ECRI’s Embarrassing Recession Call – Doug Short

Bubble in Safety (pdf) – Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, hat tip Mebane Faber’s new Idea Farm newsletter

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short, see also his valuation overview here

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Thursday Readings

Silver Suffers the Most From Bernanke and What is Next – Chris Vermeulen

Jeremy Grantham’s Quarterly Letter is now available at GMO’s website

Sorting Countries on Value – Mebane Faber

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

High Yield and Low Risk: Finding the Best Closed-End Funds – Geoff Considine

No Such Thing as Risk? – John Hussman

 Dividend Paying Stocks – The Big Picture

Holiday Readings

Below are a collection of articles I am reading this week:

Nice series from Barry Ritholtz on “Top 10 Investor Errors” – those errors include Excess Fees, Reaching for Yield, and You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Interest Rate Model Calls for Lower Dollar – Tom McClellan

MLP ETFs: A Pipeline for Yield to Your Portfolio – ETF Trends

Satyajit Das: Europe and the World is Saved, At Least Till Next Week? The Big Picture

Anatomy of a Bear – John Hussman

Nightmare on Wall Street: The Secular Bear Has Only Begun – Ed Easterling, Advisor Perspectives

Market Valuation Overview – Doug Short, Advisor Perspectives

Bull’s Eye Investing Ten Years Later (pdf) – John Mauldin

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Sunday Night Market Readings

Friday was a rough day in the equity market. I did not write up a month end review of the Ivy Portfolio, but as of the end of the month 5 of the 10 ETFs in the Ivy Portfolio were below their 10 month simple moving average. As of the close Friday, VTI and RWX had also slipped below the 10 month simple moving average. Only TIP, BND, and VNQ remain above their 10 month moving average.

Below are some investment and market related articles I am reading this weekend:

First Deflation, Then Inflation But the Timing…? (pdf) – John Mauldin

True Out-of-Sample Test of “Best” Technical Trading Rules – CXO Advisory

Run of the Mill – John Hussman

Secular Bull and Bear Markets & Is the Stock Market Cheap? – Doug Short

Full-On Panic Into T-Bonds – Tom McClellan

Surveying the Dividend ETF Landscape – ETF Trends

Why India’s Not Quite the Shining Star Many Hoped – Satyajit Das

The Asymmetric Recovery – NY Times Economix, Casey Mulligan


Sunday Night Readings

Below is a list of articles on my weekend “to-do” list:

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The Five Best ETF Investments Ever – Index Universe

Gold Repeats a Prior Pattern – Tom McClellan

A Gold Standard? John Mauldin

Is the Fed pushing us into another bubble? Sheila Bair, Fortune

Joseph Stiglitz “Politics is at the Root of the Problem”

Kid Dynamite – Calling Natural Gas Experts – Let’s Find a Trade Here

The High Cost of Bad Buy/Sell Decisions – Abnormal Returns

Release the Kraken – John Hussman

ECRI Weekly Leading Indicator: The Growth Index Slips Again – Doug Short


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Weekend Readings

Below are some investment-related articles I am reading this week.  Too much information   (overload) can have the adverse affect of paralyzing our decision-making.   I enjoy reading current economic/investment events and commentaries but it is important to remain true to your personal investment plan – there is an opinion out there to reinforce or argue against just about any investment thesis.

GMO has released Jeremy Grantham’s Quarterly Letter and their 7-Year Asset Class Return Forecasts. Both are available to read for free with a free subscription to the GMO site.

A Little Bull’s Eye Investing (pdf) – John Mauldin

Summation Index Promises Higher Highs After Correction Ends – Tom McClellan

Doug Short: ECRI Weekly Leading Indicator: The Growth Index Slips 

An Uprising Against Piggish CEO Pay, At Last – Forbes

Geoff Considine: Chasing Yield: Is the Flow of Money into Munis and High Yield Bonds Rational

But Nobody Pays That – New York Times (hat tip to Barry Ritholtz; this is a Pulitzer Prize nominated series on the many loopholes in our current tax system)