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Catching Up

I have been catching up on my reading after an extended weekend.

Below are some articles I have read or plan to read this week:

Is Wall Street Full of Psychopaths? The Atlantic

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

Precious Metals – Silver, Gold, Gold Miner Stocks On The Rise? Chris Vermeulen

Option Trading: A Basic Explanation of Debit Spreads – Options Trading Signals

Too Little to “Lock In” – John Hussman

TVIX Washout Raises Questions Over ETNs – ETF Trends

Why Wall Street Hates the Lazy Portfolios Strategy – Smart Money

 Lumber Says This is a Top for Housing Stocks – Tom McClellan

All Spain All the Time (pdf) – John Mauldin

Keep a Close Eye on Institutional Cash – Prieur du Plessis

Housing Prices and the Economy – Geoff Considine

Why are the Fed and SEC Keeping Wall Street’s Secrets? Bloomberg

Don’t Trust the Wise Men of Finance – Forbes

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Mid-Week Readings

Below are some investment and market related articles I am reading this week:

Warning: Goat Rodeo – John Hussman

Shiller CAPE for the G8 – Mebane Faber

American Gridlock (pdf) – Dr. Woody Brock via John Mauldin

How Bullish is the Golden Cross – Barry Ritholtz

Robert Shiller: A Housing Bottom? What are They Thinking? Business Insider

Longest S&P 500 Valuation Slump Since Nixon Discounts Profit – Bloomberg

ECRI Leading Indicator: Turning for the Better? Investment Postcards from Cape Town

Regression to Trend and Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

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