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Tuesday Readings

Below is my reading list for tonight. If you are new to the site, I typically post investment and market-related articles of interest once per week:

The S&P 500 is Plagued with Divergences

Asset Allocation Strategies & Just Go Halfsies – Mebane Faber

The Correlation Conundrum – The Capital Speculator

A Lost Generation & The Blip  – John Mauldin

Is Risk Parity an Effective Asset Allocation Tool? Empiritrage

Why Past Performance of a Conventional (60-40) Portfolio Is NOT Indicative of Future Performance – Jackass Investing

Market Valuation Overview – Doug Short

First Trust Managed-Futures ETF Is Live & Global X ‘Cheap’  MLP ETF Goes Live – Index Universe


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Sunday Readings

Below is my Sunday night reading list.

From Mebane Faber, a series of updates on his “A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation” paper: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of 10 updates.

John Mauldin on Central Bankers Gone Wild and Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! (pdf)

Advisor Perspectives: Dynamic Asset Allocation for Practitioners Part 1: The Many Faces of Momentum

Bill Gross:  Wounded Heart

John Hussman Following the Fed to 50% Flops and 2009 vs 2013

Simple Moving Averages vs. Exponential Moving Averages – Turnkey Analyst

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Tuesday Readings

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Memorial Weekend.

Below are a few articles I am reading this week

Precious Metals & Miners Start Bottoming Process – Chris Vermeulen

Hewlett-Packard Company: Cheap as Dirt – Turnkey Analyst

Rock, Paper, Scissors – John Hussman

Are We There Yet? & The Mother of All Painted-In Corners (pdf) John Mauldin

The World Turns Japanese – Satyajit Das

The Lure of Hedge Funds – Research Affiliates

You Can Be a Hedge Fund Investor. But Why Would You? Barry Ritholtz

Monday Investment Articles

Below are some investment-related articles for this week:

The Endgame is Forced Liquidation – John Hussman

Satyajit Das: The End of Growth, Part 1 and Part 2

The Alternative Road to Investing (advertisement)

Are Earnings Expectations Realistic? (pdf) & Austerity is a Consequence, not a Punishment (pdf) John Mauldin

Gold – David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors

The Lure of Hedge Funds – Research Affiliates

An Interview with Jeremy Grantham, Part 1 and Part 2 – The Guardian

Valuation Based Equity Market Forecasts – GestaltU



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Sunday Readings

Below are investment articles I am reading this weekend.

I will be updating the Graham Value Stock portfolio Monday evening using the power Portfolio123 platform.

Momentum-Based AllocationDo Valuations Matter for Practical Market Timing? – Empiritrage

15,000 Point Round Trip & How to Help Your Portfolio in the Next Market Crash – Barry Ritholtz

A Man in the Mirror – Bill Gross

Assume a Perfect World (pdf) – John Mauldin

Increasingly Immediate Impulses to By the Dip (or, How to Blow a Bubble) – John Hussman

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Monday Readings

Below are some articles I am reading this week:

How to Trade POMO Manipulation – Chris Vermeulen

Rational Temperance – Bill Gross

Dean Williams: Maybe you’re “Trying Too Hard” – Turnkey Analyst

Pinocchio Traders – Barry Ritholtz

ETF Insider – The Idea Farm

How to Protect Your Portfolio – Geoff Considine

Buy High, Sell Higher? & Quant Backtester – Mebane Faber

The Healthcare Blues (pdf) – John Mauldin

Is the Stock Market Cheap? Doug Short

Out on a Limb – John Hussman

Below is a free webinar from MarketFly:

Secrets to Optimizing Your Morning Income Stream: Veteran day trader and four time recipient of the Forbes’ Best of the Web award, Mr. Jea Yu, invites you to a 3 part live webinar series showing you how to create a consistent morning profit. This is an exclusive, one-time webinar series and will not be replayed or recorded for the general public.

Weekend Reads

Below are some excellent articles for the weekend ahead. Also, I will be writing an update on new features with the All-Weather ETF portfolio next week. Stay tuned!

Gold and Silver Nearing Long-Term Support – Chris Vermeulen

James Montier has a new piece available at GMO (free registration required), Hyperinflation, Hysteria, and False Memories

200 Day Versus 10 Month Moving Averages – Barry Ritholtz

The Holy Grail for Monitoring Your Portfolio – The Capital Speculator

Whatever It Takes & Scrambling for Returns (pdf) John Mauldin

Global Value – Mebane Faber & Prabhat Dalmia

Momentum, Momentum, Momentum – Empiritrage

Balanced Portfolios: Keeping It Real – Advisor Perspectives

The Siren’s Song of the Unfinished Half-Cycle – John Hussman

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Monday Readings

Everything You Know About Investing is Wrong… Barry Ritholtz

Capital Formation and the Fiscal Cliff (pdf) – John Mauldin

Dollar and Stock Analysis – The Gold and Oil Guy

Forecasting Stock Returns – The Idea Farm

Overlooking Overvaluation – John Hussman

Debt Limit-Fiscal Cliff-Stock Market – Cumberland Advisors

Top Culprit in the Financial Crisis: Human Nature – Barrons

Tuesday Investment Articles

Lots of good articles below, enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeremy Grantham of GMO has released his quarterly newsletter. It is available on GMOs website with free registration. Always a must read. (For his outspoken thoughts on climate change here is a good primer)

Predicted 10 Year Returns from the Shiller P/E – Turnkey Analyst

The Apple Crush – JW Jones

Next Broad Market Drop Looming? David Banister

The History of Gold Charts – Peter L Brandt

America’s Fisdal Cliffs and Debt Mountains – Satyajit Das

Fiscal Cliff or Slippery Slope? David Kotok

Where Will the Jobs Come From? (pdf) John Mauldin

Little Dutch Boy – John Hussman

 Equity Portfolio Optimization with Factor Tilts – Advisor Perspectives

Mid-Week Readings

Lopsided Risks – John Hussman

 Meaning of 200-Day Average’s Violation – Mark Hulbert

Central Bank Insurance and Four More Years (pdf) – John Mauldin

When Quants Tell Stories – Felix Salmon

The Global Market Portfolio – Mebane Faber

The Green Book – The Idea Farm

Sheila Bair for Treasury Secretary – Forbes