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Monday Night Readings

Below are some articles I am catching up on this week:

Gold & Gold Miners Closing in on Major Bottom – Traders Video Playbook

Historical Dividend Analysis Makes Us Bullish on Japan (pdf) – WisdomTree

Dancing at the Edge of a Cliff – John Hussman

Adaptive Asset Allocation: A True Revolution in Portfolio Management – Advisor Perspectives

On JP Morgan: Kid Dynamite, Dealbreaker, and James Bianco

Martin Wolf: The Journey Towards Becoming Japan

Waving the White Flag (pdf) – John Mauldin

Peter Brandt: Major Top Completed Today in Russell 2000 & NYSE Composite

Tuesday Readings

Investment and financial related articles for this week are listed below. Also, don’t forget to  me on Stocktwits and Twitter

The Pain in Spain (pdf) – Carmel Asset Management via John Mauldin’s Outside the Box

S&P 500 at 25-Year Resistance – Chris Kimble

Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap – Martin Wolf , Financial Times

Not Just Fire Sales: Contrarian Hedge Funds Find Alpha – AllAboutAlpha

5 Rules to Survive a Market Crisis – Jim Jubak

Facts 360 B.C. – A.D. 2012 (In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died.) – Chicago Tribune (hat tip Barry Ritholtz)

ETF Trends on PIMCO’s new Global TIPS ETF and Sell in May and Go Away?

Run, Don’t Walk – John Hussman

Mid-Week Readings

Below are investment related articles I am reading this week:

Market Correction? Try Perma-Crisis – Harvard Business Review

A New Era of Bad Money – Jim Jubak, MSN

No… Stop…  Don’t. John Hussman

10 More Years of Low Returns – Lance Roberts

Why the eurozone may yet survive – Martin Wolf, FT

George Soros: Eurozone crisis has entered a ‘more lethal phase’ – The Guardian

Dividend Paying Stocks meet Rule #7 – The Big Picture

Hoisington First-Quarter Review and Outlook (pdf) via John Mauldin