2 stocks under cash: Trident Microsystems (TRID) and MF Global (MF)

Seems like a decent arbitrage/deep value opportunity in the microcap sector, TRID and MF.

Quoting the article regarding TRID:

Trident is actually trading with a negative Enterprise Value of $135.92 million dollars. The company has $230 million dollars in cash ($3.763 per share), and zero debt; forget about the fact that the company has a stated book value of an additional $3.643 per share. The company has no meaningful expenses in its horizon, and given the massive amount of cash on the balance sheet, I simply do not see how Trident doesn’t move higher—at least in line with the cash on hand?

And MF:

CFO Randy MacDonald said:

So said another way, if we take all the assets and liabilities and we liquidate the balance sheet, we would immediately return to our shareholders approximately $900 million in cash. Assuming 120 million of diluted shares, that’s $7.47 a share.

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