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  1. Understand spreadsheet is updated daily, correct? What’s with tabs at bottom? One says “DIY” and keeps spreadsheet in black-and-white, while other tab is labeled “RAA”, puts spreadsheet in color, and has different percentages for the categories. Which one do I follow? Also, recommended percentages differ from Alpha Architect’s website for RAA…

  2. Also, it appears that Alpha Architect has now all 4 ETF’s, Foreign and Domestic, Value and Momentum. What about using their ETF’s in portfolio developed by them?

  3. Any reason, Scott, why you don’t track this p’folio (RAA) on a regular monthly basis like you do with the IVY, Momentum and Dual Momentum portfolios?

  4. In the spreadsheet, the 12 Month SMA Signal of Index column is not calculating correctly. There seems to be an error. Do you know why this is? Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Working on it, there is currently an issue with Google Sheets not importing data properly so I am working an alternate methods

      1. Great, thank you Scott for all the hard work and your response. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

  5. Based on Yahoo history for end of March 2016, QVAL declined from adjusted 27.21 close for Feb 2015 to 21.83 close Mar 2016. Over the same period SHY rose from 84.40 to 85.03. I don’t see how QVAL has positive excess momentum (the Apr 6 close is not that much different). I thought the current price had QVAL total return had to exceed the SHY return. WHere am I going wrong?

    1. Per Alpha Architect, for US equities signals are based on SPY. For international equities signals are based on EFA

  6. Thank you for your help. I am a bit doubtful that SPY or EFA qualify as risk-free as their formulas appear to us but so be it.

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